where do I pick up?

realised I am writing so often and so much guff on facebook in responses to other people, that I need to get back to my intention to free write about ten minutes each day.  Starting to think about going back to start over the Essay writing course at STEPS and thinning what’s the point.  Because really what is the point? Between 8.45am and 2.45pm my time is my own, no one talks to me generally and during this time I have no responsibility for anyone else.  I keep coming back to the thought is this all there is, the mad rush between 3pm and 8pm with the two kids, who for now need my presence and lead on most of what they do, even if they don’t realise it… the few moments snatched of time between hello and goodnight between my husband and I and a competition to see who will fall asleep first or stay awake trying to unwind til the early hours… then wake up at 5.50am to the alarm and hello again have a good day see you tonight.  Hmm, yes, seriously my day could easily, so easily, be filled with the washing, house upkeep and cooking food but that does not inspire me at all.  Makes me shiver thinking some women willingly go take on another few houses and get paid to clean up after others.  Hmmm anyway.  That’s my ten minutes up.  Time to put the washing on the line.

Signing off once again, until Karen has some more little wonders to type up.