what is the deal with detentions and suspensions? is there any benefit to the student, to the class of students, to the teacher? what are the longer term consequences? does it change or reduce religion of the same type of misdemeanour? are there any prevention a to detention? prevention to suspension? what do students do on suspension? is being suspended desirable?


started GDLT

so today was day two of residential school for my new degree Graduate Diploma Learning and Teaching (Secondary). As I head to bed I feel very overwhelmed  and a little afraid. I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge. I may be ready but are my husband and children. I’ve decided to put the 8 yo into after school care. This will be against his wishes and probably against the wishes of my husband who will say financially we cannot afford to put him in paid after school care when I am not generating any income.  My 12 year old year seven son has started to get detentions for incomplete homework and not submitting homework and we have been called in to a parent teacher student conference to discuss. I’m not sure what there is to discuss; unless my boy is inspired he won’t engage and nothing I can do at home in terms of “punishment” will make him confirm and attend to his learning. It’s going to be a relationship that teacher will need to cultivate.  I realise this challenge will be mine when … if I become a high school teacher. how do I make students engage…

I learnt today that I will be required to sit an exam and pass that is equivalent to year  9 NAPLAN. That’s sent my anxiety right up. I already know I will be unlikely to pass even to get 50% which means I really need to do what I’ve been thinking about for two years and do the year 8 math workbook maybe take a class. I know that I tried the STEPS course and didn’t complete it… didn’t even get half way through term.  On top of thinking I could train to be a Cub Scout leader, parent two boys and be a wife… honestly something will have to give and I feel frustrated yet again, stymied.

So anyhow I also have write a edublog for one of my courses. I’ve started one it’s called “InTheSoaneZone”.

Thats all for tonight.  Tomorrow I have to drive up to Rockhampton one more time…It took me 90 minutes to get there this morning. I am a little worried I may get a speeding ticket. I hope not. I will leave earlier and drive slower tomorrow. Husband has a RDO so he can get the boys ready for school and sort them out in the morning.

xxx Kas